Saturday, March 11, 2017

Curtain Pull-back

How my mind works: If I come across some awesome thing (song, movie, book, Jedi-mind trick, secret menu item combining, pliable lass, etc), I immediately want people I care about, who would be interested, to know about said awesome thing. Conversely, it also makes me wonder if people who worshi...I mean, care about me, knew about said awesome thing, why had they not made sure I knew? Then, I remind myself that plotting a bloody reprisal is not a productive step in this, my early Empire-building stage. And I try to move past it, while a small part inside my heart hides in a pillow fort and cries.


Anonymous said...

There are so many awesome things! It's not on purpose that people don't tell you...they probably assume you are already aware of said awesome item. Uaually you are one of the creative people out in front, sharing awesome things w/others!

Hyperion said...

I know it's (usually) not on purpose. Other people's minds do not work like mine.I Have discovered this the hard way.