Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Back Online

My computer is fixed, for now. Meant wiping Windows, resetting completely, and losing almost 500 GB of stuff. Hopefully, I managed to save most of the important stuff, but time will tell.

I tried to prepare: have a folder full of documents on passwords, files, etc, but there is always a thousand and one things you're not prepared for. Settings that don't seem quite right and I'm not sure how to fix. Like staying at a stranger's house for a week when you're ten.

I used Windows 10 for two years with no problem, and as much time as I spent on the machine, customized it a ton. It will take weeks to figure out little things like how big the type is IN the Windows, and how to get the chime back when I turn on CAPS LOCK.

Some of it can be looked up. Other things I won't even remember, exactly. I will just have this vague sense of unease, that it doesn't look right. That's the way it goes, I suppose.

At least now I can try to get back on track and post a couple more Easter columns. At this date, maybe just re-post. I'm very proud of the Judas Ischariot and Golgotha stories. I don't want to "sully" that actual story pages with explanations; maybe I will write a short post here explaining myself when I do.

Back to work......

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Curtain Pull-back

How my mind works: If I come across some awesome thing (song, movie, book, Jedi-mind trick, secret menu item combining, pliable lass, etc), I immediately want people I care about, who would be interested, to know about said awesome thing. Conversely, it also makes me wonder if people who worshi...I mean, care about me, knew about said awesome thing, why had they not made sure I knew? Then, I remind myself that plotting a bloody reprisal is not a productive step in this, my early Empire-building stage. And I try to move past it, while a small part inside my heart hides in a pillow fort and cries.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017