Saturday, December 10, 2011


Not that I need presents, but many people want to give them to me, both because of my Future Emperorship (excellent idea, sucking up), and my overall kickassian ways.

I have an Amazon Wishlist - which you can use for ideas.


if you pick something off the wishlist - it will actually send it to me, and I have it set up so that it won't tell me, either, it will be a surprise.


You can always bake me cookies and send them (and other presents) to the address listed on the Amazon Wish List. I ain't scrrd of you - but if you stalk me, best be aware, I have a Legion, and they're armed.



For those who are on hard times, I have a separate Wishlist made of items all under $15. Feel free to use that one, too.

I update these wishlists every time I run into something new, so feel free to check back and send presents often!

And if you're just not into the Christmas thing, remember - my birthday is December 31st. I KNOW you want to get me something for that, right?

As for the picture above, you may wonder what it is I wanted there. Did you see the awesome table???