Saturday, March 03, 2012

You Know How?.....I Hate That

You know when you're watching a show, and then it goes to commercial, so you flip to another channel, but that show is on commercial, and you don't really pay attention, and lose track, and you're sitting there waiting and waiting for the commercials to end, and then it goes back to the show, but it's that OTHER show that you were only "break watching" (watching on commercial breaks), and NOT the show you were actually watching, and you flip back over to the show you were ACTUALLY watching, except you're so flustered that you mis-hit the buttons, and then trying to fix it you screw it up again, and you finally get back to your show, and of course it's clearly been on awhile and you have no way of knowing, and it goes BACK to commercials in like only four minutes, which means you missed a ton?

I hate that.