Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hyperion Nation No More

It is with some reluctance that I have decided to replace the name "Hyperion Nation." When I came up with it many years ago I felt it conveyed the nationalist spirit I hoped to engender among my readers as we built something grand. (At the time the biggest complaint was that it made me sound too much like an Indian Chief.)

However, since then things have changed. That one-trick pony (and not that clever a trick at that) Stephen Colbert came on my site and stole my idea. Now I have (of all the gall), people accusing me of taking the name from him! Well, I won't stand for it. We need a new name for you, my most beloved of people.

And there is no better place to find that name than among you, so I open up the floor. What should you be called? Surely you have an idea, and if your idea is chosen everlasting glory will be yours.

To help you think on it, I typed in "Hyperion Nation" into Google Images. These 10 pictures were among what came out. (And if you don't believe me, do a Google Image Search and see for yourself.) Nothing indicates the need to come up with a new name more than what people right now are already considering the Hyperion Nation. I'm counting on you Nat...I mean, beloved readers. Don't let me down.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Inappropriate Joke - Rosie Style

As part of my Inappropriate Joke Series......

What does Rosie O'Donnell have in common with a tampon?

Answer in the comments.

(Credit to my sister)

It's Funny because it's true.

I've had this picture for several months and cannot figure out what to do with it. The sad thing is most of you will be only able to identify one of these guys, if that.


Schrodinger's Kitten sent me this picture Saturday night. What's so weird is that just that morning Kaida and I were talking about Readers sending me naked pictures. She said she wouldn't mind if it was just "naked women," but would hunt the women down if it was them.

Anyway, I have no idea what prompted Schrodinger to act as she did (she said it would be a good logo for the Evil Kitties of the Realm. In fact, she called the picture "litter-mates"), but the rest of the night I could be heard chanting, "I hope Readers send me money" and "I hope Readers send me lesbian porn" and "I hope Readers send me Beef jerky."

One final note: Schrodinger claims she is actually one of the women, but wouldn't say which one. (Click on the picture to see larger image and maybe you can tell. Sorry I had to add the black box, but my aunt my stroll through here and I don't want to hear it.)