Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poetry written @4:44

"He'd never seen her before and he'd never see her again, but as she walked by his store window their eyes locked, and for those few seconds she was his and his alone."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Dream

This morning I awakened from a bad dream. (That'll Learn me to fall asleep at night.) While still half asleep I Twittered about it in a series of 140 character posts. I reprinted them below. (Please forgive Grammar Mangling ("grammangling"), as 140 character limits and half asleep don't mix well.)

Nightmare :(

Awoke to Literally feel and hear my heart pounding in my chest.

The emotion should soon fade, but since it was of something that could have happened, I'm left search my memory to see if recent event.

What's weird is that it's not even something that would scare me in real life; get my adrenaline up a bit, perhaps, but not frighten me.

I probably shouldn't even admit this, but as a child I was frightened all the time. I had an hellacious imagination, & nighttime was terror.

Once there was a Heart 2 Heart episode I saw when I was 7 that gave me nightmares for years. Stupid Stephanie Powers.

Now, I don't get scared any more. I get mad, and maybe sometimes I feel anxious, but never scared. Except....when dreaming.

Dream wasn't even imagination-saturated, either. No megalomanical robots or evil sexy rabbit assassins. Just a giant cockroach on my boxfan.

The cockroach was about 3.5 inches long, totally within range for anyone living in the South.

I only use one shot of Raid, though tempted to empty half the bottle. My room is not well ventilated, & I was worried about poison dispersal

I was also quite concerned about the cockroach being sucked into the boxfan and sprayed all over my bed!

Raid does work w/ one spray (if you get the BooYah! kind). What they don't tell you is that it doesn't work Right Away. Gotta sweat it out.

Damn cockroach flittered all over the floor as I tried to keep it in sight. Light was off CSI style, which, just like CSI, didn't make sense

At 1 point cockroach had many legs come out like a spider-hybrid. At the time didn't seem strange, but now adds to "only a dream" theory.

Last thing before I waking was cockroach yelping like a cat w/ its tail stepped on. Cockroaches can hiss, even bark, but not meow, right?

Alone in the Dark (save the laptop glow catching bedroom objects in their nefarious deeds), now seems certain t'was but a dream, not Memory.

(Though it is late March, which means at best, the dream was but a harbinger of another wonderful summer of La Cucaracha. Go South!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


First her Miss Rebekah del Rio sing this in MULHOLLAND DRIVE. This video is well put together. The sequence from about 2:05 to 3:14 (both the song and the accompanying visuals) stopped my heart. Truly amazing. 

What he said

“Sometimes there are things in my head that are so purely what they are, that when I try to turn them into words, there either are no words or I just don’t know how and you can’t imagine how that feels. How hard it is to have an idea and not be able to share it.” 

-Charlie Eppes, mathematical genius and often-frustrated communicator, on the difficulties in getting people to understand his ideas. from the CBS show "Numb3rs" (Season 4 Episode 10 - The Chinese Box)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tidal Wave Goodbye

I was awake early Saturday morning when the 8.8 Chile Earthquake struck, a quake so large that apparently, it has permanently made the day shorter.  (I mean, what's up with that?)

Several hours later I turned on the TV to see all the Cable News Channels camped out in Hawaii, for an expected Tidal Wave hit at 4:05 p.m. (EST). It being 4:02, I hung out, wanting to see this Tidal Wave. (I thought it strange at the time that so many people were on or near the beach for a Tidal Wave. Aren't they devastating?)

Obviously (as with the Earthquake), I don't want anyone to get hurt. This includes people who refused to evacuate. But there was something comically absurd as - we all waited for this so-called Tidal Wave that never came. I finally gave up an hour later, but not before Twittering some real gems.  Some of my best are reprinted below.

Is anyone else perversely excited to see the Tsunami waves about to hit Hawaii? I don't wish anyone specific harm....but Tidal Waves, baby!

This Tidal Wave watch is getting boring. HURRY UP, TSUNAMI! SOME OF US HAVE THINGS TO DO!!!

Maybe the Tidal Wave is like the whole "a watched pot never boils." Maybe if we all look away at the same time it will come. NO PEEKING!

This is why Tsunamis never get the same respect as Hurricanes, Forest Fires, Snowmageddons or Wayne Newton. If you RSVP show up on time!

Just heard the Tsunami was planned by the Canadian Olympic Committee. Oh, great.

Normally "TS" is a great combination. T.S. Eliot - great poet. General Tso - great chicken. Tom Sellick - great 'stache. TSunami - BORRRING!