Sunday, May 20, 2007


For the last week I've had a very bad cold. I hate colds, especially during the Summer. I've been blowing my nose almost non-stop, to the point where I have those annoying red sores on the corners of my nose and my head feels hollow and cold-like, if that makes any sense. It's awful.

Here's the point: I have been blowing my nose continually, even though it's been keeping me from sleep, because I can't stand to have my nasal passages blocked. Right now I am sitting at the library typing this and the guy next to me is snorting back a big ball of phlegm every two minutes or so. I cannot tell you how gross this is. It's almost making me throw up up each time.

How does someone get the gall to think we want him to sit among us and snort up snot all the time? What do people have against blowing your nose? Shouldn't that be common courtesty? I wouldn't sit here and rip long loud deadly farts while others were here, poisoning the atmosphere and killing the Sunday afternoon Library vibe. What makes this monster think I want to hear his behavior? It's like a combination of fingers on the chalkboard and watching someone eat their own snot.

I will now go throw up.