Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Back Online

My computer is fixed, for now. Meant wiping Windows, resetting completely, and losing almost 500 GB of stuff. Hopefully, I managed to save most of the important stuff, but time will tell.

I tried to prepare: have a folder full of documents on passwords, files, etc, but there is always a thousand and one things you're not prepared for. Settings that don't seem quite right and I'm not sure how to fix. Like staying at a stranger's house for a week when you're ten.

I used Windows 10 for two years with no problem, and as much time as I spent on the machine, customized it a ton. It will take weeks to figure out little things like how big the type is IN the Windows, and how to get the chime back when I turn on CAPS LOCK.

Some of it can be looked up. Other things I won't even remember, exactly. I will just have this vague sense of unease, that it doesn't look right. That's the way it goes, I suppose.

At least now I can try to get back on track and post a couple more Easter columns. At this date, maybe just re-post. I'm very proud of the Judas Ischariot and Golgotha stories. I don't want to "sully" that actual story pages with explanations; maybe I will write a short post here explaining myself when I do.

Back to work......